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We are recruiting now both for Mandarin and Cantonese beginners commencing early next month, subject to sufficient interests or as soon as the limited places available are filled. Interested learners are advised to register now, commencing date will be confirmed later by the end of the month. Make it a new year's resolution to learn a language that broadens out your world. If you are going to the Far-East for the annual trade shows, now it is the ideal time to get yourself ready into action.

Congratulations to Mr. Hammersley 韩仕礼先生 who has gained a GRADE A on his GCSE exam on Mandarin language at 2011, who had also kindly written a brief recommendation as below. His certificate is shown on the right, hope you all find his learning experience inspiring.

“I have had individual lessons with my tutor Wanda every week for the last 18 months. She creates a very relaxed environment in which to learn. I also find her teaching style to be very flexible, always going at my pace. At present we are concentrating on the book “Chinese In Steps” volume 2. We are working on vocabulary, speech patterns, dialogue, reading and grammar. I feel I am making good progress and find her contribution to be invaluable. In addition to the formal book work, we have spent a considerable amount of time speaking about situations that are of particular interest to me: “My family, shopping in markets, asking and receiving directions, ….” I travel to China and Taiwan quite often with my work, often giving presentations to several hundred customers at various conferences. We have now reached a point where I feel comfortable spending 10 minutes at the beginning of these conferences speaking in Chinese. Wanda has helped me with these presentations, concentrating on pronunciation and speech patterns. These have always been well received. Furthermore, as a bit of fun, Wanda and myself have worked on real life situations that often arise when abroad “getting in and out of taxis, ordering drinks and food and booking myself into a hotel”. During the last couple of trips, I have tried many of these role playing situations out. And they work. To summarise, Wanda creates a very pleasant and effective learning environment, I highly recommend her. -- Tim Hammersley Ph.D.”

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